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Location: Laval, QC, Canada
Occupation: Director, R&D
Interests: Meteorites, rocks and minerals
Company: Private collector
City: Laval
State: QC
Zip Code: H7N 0A1
Country: Canada
Address: 1455, boul, de l'Avenir, app. 815
Phone #: (450) 629-4995
Fax #: (450) 629-4995

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Member Number: 5263
Country: Canada

About Me

About Me:

I studied geology at the University of Montreal and worked for the Quebec Ministry of Natural Resources, a few years ago. I was identifying geological maps of the different areas of the Province of Quebec based of the results of the geological surveys conducted for us.

I modified my compound microscope into a polarizing microscope, so I can study thin sections of less than 1 kg TKW meteorites and take pictures with my Nikon Digital equipment. I use my low power dual stereo microscope for macroscopic pictures on my different specimens, including meteorites, rocks and minerals.

I am not a meteorite, rock or mineral dealer. I am simply fascinated with the world of mineralogy and I want to share that passion with others!

My private meteorite collection includes over 375 different meteorite specimens such as polished and etched pallasite samples, etched thin slices, polished end slices, thin sections for microscopic study, individual specimens, etc.

I also collect various rocks, including igneous, metamorphic and sedimentary rocks from Canada and USA, as well as common minerals, including fluorescent and radioactive minerals, from Canada, USA and other countries (presently, well over 1500 specimens).