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Additional Info

Website: www.naturalhistorylab.com
Location: Kaneohe, Hawaii
Occupation: Managing Director
Interests: Meteorites, Fossils, Minerals
Company: Natural History Laboratory
City: Kaneohe
State: HI
Zip Code: 96744
Country: USA

Contact Info

Member Number: 4238
Country: Hawaii, USA
Website URL (e.g. "www.imca.cc"): www.naturalhistorylab.com

About Me

About Me: Originally from California, I have grown up in Hawaii and consider the islands my true home. I reside on the island of Oahu with my wife and two daughters among the Ko'olau mountain range in Kaneohe (Ahuimanu). I was the Band Director and Astronomy teacher at a local all-girls Catholic high school from 2005-2011. In June of 2011, I accepted a position as the Managing Director of a local transportation company that specializes in corporate, executive and entertainment ground transportation on Oahu.  I hold a M.Ed. in Education and a B.Ed. in Instrumental Music Education. I have been collecting meteorites since 1998 and love irons with unusual inclusions.  In 2009 I began Meteorite Treasures, a company specializing in meteorite collectibles and jewelry.