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hurdcall Profile Page
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Web-Account Since 04/17/2011 01:09:12
Last Online 10/31/2016 09:44:52
Last Updated 11/10/2015 11:03:28

Additional Info

Website: www.ammo-one.com
Location: North East USA
Occupation: Business Owner
Interests: many
Company: A Call to Arms, LLC
City: Standish
State: Maine
Zip Code: 04084
Country: USA
Address: 23 Chelsea Drive
Phone #: 207-642-7980

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Member Number: 9081
Country: Maine, USA

About Me

About Me: 61 yeas old, semi-retired, own a small business, interest astronomy, star gazing, meteorites,  antique firearms and ammunition, tea with my wife watching humming birds in the backyard in the short summer in Maine.