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About Me:

I have been interested in astronomy and related subjects for over 60 years, ever since my Father showed me Comet Arend/Roland in 1957. Started off with building a small telescope from cardboard tubes, and then made my own 6" reflector which was set up in a private observatory. Had known Sir Patrick Moore for a lifetime, he was always of great encouragement down the years.

Been a member of many astronomical societies, but nowadays I am content with being a member of the Irish Astronomical Association, Honorary Life Member of NIAAS, (Northern Ireland Amateur Astronomy Society), long standing Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society (FRAS), and Member of the BAA (British Astronomical Association). In 1999 I was awarded the Aidan P Fitzgerald Memorial Medal and in 2001 my very own asteroid (9929) McConnell. I have been collecting meteorites for many years and I am a member of BIMS (British and Irish Meteorite Society). Saw the Bovedy Meteorite come down on 25th April 1969, what a sight! My slide collection runs into several hundred mainly historical.

Main interest now is astronomical history and photography, though I still observe the heavens with various telescopes. I also have an interest in the weather and atmospherics. Meteorite collecting is another one of my expensive hobbies!