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About Me:

Hello Everyone.

Just added my link for those that want to check out some pictures of my collection. Feel free to comment.

Update: My new website is up! It is called Cosmic Treasures Celestial Wonders. You can view my site by clicking the link


To check out my Slidesow of my collection just click the link http://www.ctreasurescwonders.com/about_1.html

Scroll near bottom of page to view slideshow. Hope you enjoy! 

Thanks for stopping by and checking out my profile as well as the IMCA web site. I was born on May 20th 1960 which at present of this writing makes me 48 years old. I have been very interested in astronomy since the age of 13 and have built my own telescope and studied the heavens since. As a kid I have always wanted a piece of the heavens (meteorite) and remember always looking on the ground wherever I was walking but to no avail. Finally in 1974 I went to the planetarium here in Rochester N.Y. and in the gift shop I bought the little booket "A comet strikes the Earth" by Harvey H. Nininger which came with a piece of meteorite from the famous Meteor crater in Arizona. This was the beginning of my love for collecting meteorites! I still to this day have that booklet in my meteorite collection after all these years. I now have over 250 different meteorite pieces in my collection with the majority of these meteorites being the rarest of the rare and of the most difficult to acquire. I also collect meteorite coins which I display next to my meteorites in my collection cabinets as well. I have dealt with and conversed with many of the top dealer/collectors in the world of which I personally thank each and everyone of them, since it is these special people that have made meteorite collecting possible for the "little guy collector".

Thanks again for stopping by and I will add more about me as time allows. Good luck on your quest of meteorite collecting and or interests.


Don Merchant