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Additional Info

Website: www.meteorit.at
Location: Vienna
Occupation: Engineer
Interests: Engineering, Science
Company: Engineering office Brandl
City: Vienna
Zip Code: A-1020
Country: Austria
Fax #: +43 660 525 73 09

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Member Number: 1067
Country: Austria
Website URL (e.g. "www.imca.cc"): www.meteorit.at

About Me

About Me:

Hi, I am a collector from Vienna, Austria. I am collecting meteorites of about 20 years. The meteorite collection consists today  of about 545 different meteorites and 645 meteorites totaling. The collection consist some main masses, like NWA 4717 an H3.8 chondrit or NWA 3212 an Eucrite. I am working in my own engineering office as independent engineer in electrics and information technology. I have an engineer degree in industrial engineering and an other degree in information technology and electricty. I am chairman of the Austrian astronomy and space flight association, www.oearv.at . My other hobbies are astronomy, palaontology and archaeology. Parts of my collection are presented on the webseite www.meteorit.at   . I own also a small collection of flown historical space program artefacts.