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Additional Info

Website: www.saharagems.com
Location: Berne - Switzerland
Interests: Meteorites, LDG, Minerals
Company: www.saharagems.com
City: Berne
State: Switzerlan
Zip Code: 3015
Country: Switzerland
Address: Jupiterstrasse 43 / 843
Phone #: +41 76 527 71 01

Contact Info

Member Number: 8629
Country: Switzerland
Website URL (e.g. "www.imca.cc"): www.saharagems.com

About Me

About Me: The passion for "desert stones", minerals and libyan desert glass start when I worked in Cairo, Egypt (1997 - 2002). All began with Libyan Desert Glass I saw for the first time at home of a desert enthusiast in Cairo. In 2002 I visited the remote LDG site myself.

I started my collection with pieces I collected myself during this desert trip. After 5 years living and working in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia I moved back to Switzerland in 2007.

I decided to create a website dedicated to the beauty of Egypt's desert and it's stones, minerals and specially LDG back in 2003. Meanwhile I updated the site several times.

Back in 2007 I met Peter Marmet and Marc Jost at a local mineral show in Berne, Switzerland. Meanwhile we are very good friends and I visit Peter and Marc in his "meteorite work shop" whenever times allows. I mostly buy meteorites from Marc Jost, keep the ones I'm most interested in for me and selling other specimens. I visited the Ensisheim show regularly the last years. With Marc I traveled once to Germany on a meteorite hunt (unfortunately without success).

I collect meteorites and desert glass as a hobby because I'm still 100 % employed but I do it with enthusiasm and take it very seriously. Still a "beginner" when it comes to the composition and history of meteorites, I'm reading books about them, follow either the US or the German Meteorite list and trying to learn more about meteorites and their composition and history.

Thomas Stalder - April 2014