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Website: www.facebook.com/Stones.From.Outer.Space.FD
Occupation: Meteorites collector
Company: Stones From Outer Space
Country: Portugal

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Country: Portugal

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About Me:
Well, I´m french, 51 years old, graduate in computer science in the Orsay Paris XI University and degree in the "Observational astrophysics" chair at the Collège de France with the Prof. Antoine Labeyrie (he invented speckle interferometry).
After working 10 years in IT companies, I went to Portugal to work in photography and to create an academic support school to help children in difficulty.

I grew up dreaming in space, and I always wanted to collect space rocks, but I never began any collection until my accident... In 2012, I had a pulmonary embolism, and I almost died (it was a miracle, said the doctors), and, after that, I thought: What did I dream that I have never done? Collecting meteorites (and fossils)! My collection started then.

Now, I´m completly stuck with meteorites; I always think meteorite, always search informations about meteorites on the net to always learn, and even, I did make a meteorite pendant in gold with a 1,77g Chelyabinsk meteorite to always have with me a meteorite; and I´m Allende meteorite lover.

In my school, I frequently speak my pupils about meteorites, and my happiness is that I converted some pupils in difficulty (with no interest in anything) to space science. Some of them even began a collection! Now they have at least one interest! When the Chelyabinsk meteorite has fallen, we saw the videos on the net the same day! And I said: "My friends, what you are seeing is awesome! I´ll bring one piece for you, you´ll can touch what you are seeing in the news!" And I did it for them (and for me lol)!
I love to see the wonder in their eyes when they watch at my meteorites, mostly the carbonaceous meteorites and their CAI. "This material is the oldest you can touch!" and them: "wahouuu". I love it!

In 2015, I organized for my pupils 
and their parents a conference with the meteorites belgian specialist Vincent Jacques. They saw several meteorites from my personal collection and Vincent´s two exceptional meteorites: a huge 1750 grams Allende individual and the Mreira main mass! And at the end of the conference, I gave each child a little NWA 869 meteorite (thanks to Tomasz Jakubowski). I hope to organize in the future another conferences in other schools to show these beauties from space and to inspire the future generations.

"Teaching is the royal road to learning."
Jassamyn West