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About Me:

I was born in 1977 in Hamburg / Germany where I lived for over 27 years. 2002 I moved a little bit more outside this wondeful city. I'm nature and outdoor fan. I have been collecting minerals and fossils since I was 8 years old. So I decide to work hard at school to be able to study Geology and Palaeontology one day. Now I'm nearly finished (I wrote about OCs for my graduate already). I'm also approved research diver.

I made my money a long time by working for an engineering firm (Geotechnics) in Hamburg but incidentally I was also independently working, which becomes more and more. I have done a lot of field wok already, which ranges from simple ram core drilling sampling, biological sampling for construction of offshore wind farms up to archaeologically wreck salvage.

I started collecting meteorites in 1997 as I purchased my first one, which was an Sikhote-Aline explosion fragment, at the Hamburg Mineral Fair. I put a lot of heart blood into this hobby (like all of you) and sometimes is very hard to tell for me, where job ends and hobby starts...