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About Me:


Let me tell you a little about myself and meteorites. I began the journey into meteorite collecting in 2003 when Carol (my wife) gave me a 42.3g oriented Sikhote-Alin as a gift. We are both amateur astronomers and have spent many nights in the mountains of Colorado watching meteor showers which inspired her to purchase the Sikhote sample for me. She had no idea what that little sample would start! The first day was spent fascinated with this sample viewing it with an eye loop to examine every regmaglypt and flow line it would show me. I just could not get over what this sample represented and the journey it had traveled to end up in my hand.

This led to many hours searching the Internet for more information about meteorites, leading me to the Denver Gem and Mineral show then on to Tucson. Through the research and shows I have met many, many outstanding people in our meteorite community and one of them, Anne Black, introduced me to the IMCA and I became a member.

I really enjoy participating with the IMCA through supporting the Encyclopedia of Meteorites and now as a board member.