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Occupation: Horticultural Manager( Retired)
Interests: Meteorites.Astronomy,Fossil's
City: Playford
State: S.A.
Zip Code: 5113
Country: Australia

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Member Number: 8781
Country: Australia

About Me

About Me:

 Hi all,

I have a passion for meteorites that goes back to my youth, I love Astronomy wich I did with my Father in our back yard.

The things we saw with a 4" telescope and the often shooting stars we saw stirred up a desire to find a meteorite one day.

I didn't know you could even own one untill I saw one in a jewlery store in 1978, this was probably a Campo around 80g slice but the pricetag was $1000 AU back then.

I continued my fossil collecting with my Sons Ian and John and then one day We saw an episode of Meteorite Men and that was when I found out you could actually buy meteorites and I was hooked with my Son Ian giving me my first Meteorite a Muonionulusta :)

Thats all it took and now like you all I couldn't imagine life without meteorites.

I worked as a horticultural Manager in our local Housing authority up to my early retirement due to Illness, But this gave me the oppertunity to do more with my family and of course Collect meteorites. Look at the Stars, and collect fossils. 

Cheers All