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Company: Ryugu (Beijing) Culture Co. , Ltd.
City: BeiJing
State: China
Zip Code: 100068
Country: China
Address: Majiapu street Jiayuan two 16th 808room Fengtai distrit Beijing China
Phone #: 01067533051
Fax #: 01058550091

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Member Number: 5192
Country: China
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About Me

About Me:
4.5B Star Lab is a "We Media" integrating aviation, aerospace, celestial bodies and meteorites, and geographical features. Committed to scientific popularization and cultural and creative product promotion and popularization. At present, it has cooperated with head companies such as China Film Corporation, The Wandering Earth, China Aerospace, National Geographic, Sina Sports, China CITIC Bank, Zhonghe Guoan, animation, science fiction, etc., and has successively launched creative exhibitions and meteorite cultural creation.

Mr.Yu Bin is an astronomy enthusiast, a senior meteorite collector and a meteorite hunter. For many years, he has been engaged in the popularization and publicity of astrometeorites and space science. He is a lecturer of Tsinghua University Senior Art Class, an expert lecturer of CITIC Bank, an expert lecturer of National Geographic, and an expert lecturer of Volkswagen Germany.

Mr.Yu Bin is a member of IMCA, whose number is #5192.  Member of The Meteorite Society.