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About Me:

Let me tell you a little about myself. Laughing

My collection mostly consists of large irons, pallasites, and planetary specimens. My collecting tastes changed over the years to the point where I think I am pretty settled in to what I like. There was a time when I had a lot more smaller specimens but I got rid of them over time.

In addition to planetary meteorites, I concentrate on aesthetics. I like having big irons sitting in my living room that I canít even lift. Like a 114KG Gibeon. I have the majority of my collection on display all over the house. I like to enjoy my collection and not keep it locked away.

I have hunted for meteorites in many places. It has been a lot of fun traveling to hunt for meteorites. It makes you realize that perhaps prices are generally fair since it takes a lot of work finding them. I have approached any meteorite hunts that I go on as an opportunity for new experiences as opposed to a money making venture. My favorite trip so far was to Chile when we went to the Imilac strewnfield and the Monturaqui Crater.

My favorite overall type is the Sikhote-Alin Meteorite. That fall has quite a variety of specimen types Ė smooth, oriented, shrapnel, angular, round, I could go on and on. Each Sikhote-Alin specimen is unique in itís own way.

In addition to collecting meteorites, I like to backpack and climb mountains.

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