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Additional Info

Website: www.telurium.net
Location: Llagostera, Girona
Occupation: Prehistorian, retailer of astronomical equipment, professor of astronomy and paleoanthropology, president of Astrogirona
Interests: Astronomy, prehistory, meteorites
Company: Astrogirona. ASSOCIACIÓ ASTRONÒMICA DE GIRONA (www.astrogirona.com)
City: Llagostera
State: Girona
Zip Code: 17240
Country: Spain
Address: Avinguda del Bosc, 1
Phone #: +34626229549

Contact Info

Member Number: 7186
Country: Spain
Website URL (e.g. "www.imca.cc"): www.telurium.net

About Me

About Me:
I am prehistorian and an active amateur astronomer, founder member (1999) and president (since 2010) of Astrogirona, the Girona’s  Astronomical  Society, in Catalonia, Spain, you can visit us at www.astrogirona.com.

With our association we participate actively in the Spanish Research Network on Fireball and Meteorites www.spmn.uji.es, under the coordination of Dr. Josep Maria Trigo Rodríguez.
With him, and with IMCA’s members David Allepuz, José Vicente Casado and Ion Ander as well, I have been participating in various investigations on the ground, and resulting of these and other experiences with our 6 all sky cameras that are capturing meteors and bolides since two years ago, I am really getting into the field of meteorites and I have decided to start collecting them, also for teaching because with Astrogirona we do a lot of courses and scientific and astronomical divulgation and to touch extraterrestrial material is undoubtedly one of the most exciting things you can do in this world!