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Location: email: JWSHELTON@MSN.COM
Occupation: Physics/EE - retired
Interests: Electrical & aviation early history
Company: Western Elect., Westinghouse Elect., CBS, Siemens Corp.
City: Independence
State: MO
Zip Code: 64055
Country: USA
Address: 3812 S. Marion Ct.

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Member Number: 3321
Country: Missouri, USA

About Me

About Me: After earning my Physics degree in 1969 I did some graduate work at The University of Kansas. I left college to pursue a career in Electrical Engineering. I am now retired. I purchased my first �meteorite� in 1997. After visiting with Steve Arnold, I learned that I had purchased a tektite and not a meteorite. Being disappointed, I became determined to purchase an actual meteorite. In 2014, I went to the Tucson shows and purchased an iron, a chondrite, and a pallasite from Geoff Notkin (My meteorite"starter kit".) Since then, I have returned to the Tucson shows every year and the Denver shows since 2016 (except for 2020-22). I now have 311 unique specimens in my collection. I have narrowed my collecting to focus on Missouri falls and finds. Currently, I have specimens of 18 of the 24 Missouri listed in the MetBull. My goal is to create a display of Missouri specimens for display at gem and mineral shows. I was able to take close-up photos to use as placeholders for the missing specimens with the help of the curator of the Field Museum (Chicago) collection. In addition, I purchased several lots of Campo del Cielo and NWA 869. I give 5-10 gram samples of these away along with descriptive brochures from Anne Black to interested people at meetings of my local rock clubs. I do this to hopefully spark an interest in meteorites. I would like to be thought of as the local �Johnny Appleseed� of meteorites. So far, I know of three people that have become collectors due to my samples. Also, I have acquired an extensive library of meteorite books. Including several scarce volumes. I agree with the IMCA Code of Ethics and Bylaws. That is the reason I wish to be associated with and support the organization. I am also a member of: � Meteoritical Society member #6083 � American Meteor Society- member � Independence [MO] Gem & Mineral Society- member � The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers- Sr. Life member # 06976591 James (Jim) Shelton Independence, Missouri USA����������������������������������������� last updated (5-Jan-2023)