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Occupation: College Admissions Counselor
Interests: Collecting Jaques Chess boards, fossils, and meteorites. Writing.
Company: I-ivy
City: MESA
State: AZ
Zip Code: 85215
Country: US
Phone #: 480-589-6117

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Member Number: 6752
Country: Arizona, USA

About Me

About Me:

Iím a college admissions counselor who splits his time between Arizona and Vietnam.I have only been collecting meteorites a short while (my main collecting has been in antique chess boards and some fossils) but Iím doing my best to get a great collection (concentrating so far on rare types) and Iím always interested in trading some of my material for something I donít have.So, if you might be interested please send me an e-mail. Mark.lyon.iivy@gmail.com. I live in Mesa, Arizona, and if you are ever in the area let me know and maybe we can go out for some lunch and discuss our hobby. Happy Hunting!