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About Me:

I am working as a Professor of Zoology and Nematology at Faculty of Agriculture, Cairo University. I have got my Ph. D. from University of California, Riverside.

My main hobby since the year 1999 is to collect meteorites. I usually go to the Western desert of Egypt on a regular basis for relatively long trips looking for meteorites specially during the Winter season.

I am sure that I have found very interesting martian and lunar meteorites. I am now in the stage of identifying these meteorites.

I am the founder and the head of the Egyptian Meteoritics Association (EMA).  My work is located in a small 3-stories building at Cairo University, this building was made specially for my research work out of my research grants. I am planning to make two large rooms as a place where all the members of EMA meet once a month and discuss everything about meteorites in Egypt.