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Terry Hinson
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City: Mt Pleasant
State: Texas
Zip Code: 75455
Country: USA
Address: th@wb4me.com
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Country: Texas, USA

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About Me:


 I grew up watching Star Trek (The Original Series of course) on TV, 2001 Space Odyssey on the movie screen, and Neil and Buzz landing on the moon.  I became fascinated with space-not Sci-fi but real outer space.  That fascination has always been with me but I never really did anything with it until the TV show “Meteorite Men” came along.  I had no idea people actually hunted or collected meteorites so I started doing some research and started collecting.  Living in rural Northeast Texas, I focused my personal collection on Texas and have approximately 500 Texas specimens.  In 2018, after his passing, I purchased the Steven & Connie McLain Collection from the McLain estate in North Carolina.  The collection was  2000 plus pieces, mostly 5 grams or less.  McLain, a Methodist Minister, used his collection as a way to get young people interested in an activity and away from negative addictive influences.  I say “addictive influences” as I must admit to having an addiction myself -- meteorites.  Perhaps you can relate?  From his files and extensive notes, I believe McLain loved collecting and I treat his collection with great respect.  I am now slowly selling pieces of that collection.  While I do have an eBay store, "TH Meteorites",  I do not consider myself a meteorite dealer, but a collector and hunter.   Provenance is extremely important to me, whether buying or selling.  All my sales transactions are handled with the upmost integrity and professionalism.  New to the IMCA in 2020, it is a privilege to be a member.