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Terry Hinson
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City: Mount Pleasant
State: TX
Country: United States
Address: fi13357@gmail.com

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Country: Texas, USA

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About Me:


I grew up watching Star Trek (The Original Series of course) on TV, 2001 Space Odyssey on the movie screen, and Neil and Buzz landing on the moon.� I became fascinated with space-not Sci-fi but real outer space. That fascination has always been with me but I never really did anything with it until the TV show �Meteorite Men� came along.I had no idea people actually hunted or collected meteorites so�I started doing some research�and started collecting. �Living in rural Northeast Texas, I focused my personal collection on Texas and have approximately 500 Texas specimens.In 2018, after his passing, I purchased the Steven & Connie McLain Collection from the McLain estate in North Carolina.The collection was� 2000 plus pieces, mostly 5 grams or less. McLain, a Methodist Minister, used his collection as a way to get young people interested in an activity and away from negative addictive influences.I say �addictive influences� as I must admit to having an addiction myself --�meteorites.Perhaps you�can relate?� From�his files and extensive notes, I believe�McLain loved collecting and I treat his collection with great respect.I am now slowly selling pieces of that collection.��While I do have an eBay store, "TH Meteorites", �I do not consider myself�a meteorite dealer, but a collector and hunter.�� Provenance is extremely important to me, whether buying or selling.� All my sales transactions are handled with the upmost integrity and professionalism.� New to the IMCA in 2020,�it is�a privilege to be a member.