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About Me:

I've been interested in astronomy and all things "space" for most of my life. It was hard not to be interested in space growing up back in the 60's during the race to the moon. My addiction to meteorites innocently enough began with a breakfast cereal called "Quisp". The cereal depicted an alien named quisp who's cereal provided "Quazy Energy". One of their many in box promotions was a "meteorite ring" which contained a piece or a REAL meteorite. This was the first meteorite in my life long addiction, but definately not my last. Growing up in Massachusetts where there has only been one confirmed meteorite find in the past 200 years made collecting difficult. There were no local dealers. Today with the advent of the internet meteorite collecting has become much easier but somewhat risky, which is what led me to the IMCA.

Nowadays, I work for a software company by day, and I own and operate a private observatory by night. The observatory is called the Rockbottom Observatory and by coincience, is located on "Rockbottom Road" (where else would a meteorite collector build an observatory?) The observatory provides outreach and educational programs to the community. A local astronomy club operates out of the observatory and together we provide star parties and lectures to the local community and schools. My meteorite collection known as the Rockbottom Collection (what else would I have called it) travels to schools and public events as part of our outreach programs.