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About Me:

I found my first meteoeite 33 years ago when I was 16,and been hooked ever since.My story starts in December of 1977 when a freind and I were shooting targets on a archery range in N.E. Ohio,at one point we had to cross a large feild,it had snowed the night before and there was about 3 inches of snow on the frozen ground,half way crossing the feild I started noticeing some holes in the snow,well didnt take me long to figure out what they could be,as I dug down though the snow I ended up with 8 small iron meteorites.Thats how it all started,since then I have biult a very nice collection of meteorites from around the world,A large part of my collection are the Austraian meteorites,there are so many wonderful craters there and the meteorites are so well preserved in the Austrailan deserts.My favorite hunting grounds are Canyon Diablo in Arizona,I have sold traded and given away thousand of these awsome irons.I have also developed a cleaning tequnice for iron meteorites that preserves them very well,I have some in my collection that I cleaned over 20 years ago that are as the day they were cleaned and added to my collection.{To Be Continued}.