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About Me:

I have been an avid amateur astronomer since 2003. In 2005 I was introduced to meteorites and that has been the area of astronomy I love the most, which I call "touch-and-feel astronomy." Holding a piece of the cosmos in my hand, bearing in mind the numbers involved in age, distance and travel time, is not just awe inspiring but humbling at the same time.

I actively hunt for meteorites as time permits. I have successfully hunted both the Buzzard Coulee, Sk. and Whitecourt, AB. strewn fields. 

Outreach work is something I love doing whenever I can. Most people do not have enough knowledge about meteorites and live with so many hollywood-induced misconceptions. I make it my goal to educate as many people as I can about meteorites. Presentations within my astronomy club, Yuri's Night at the Manitoba Museum, as well as local schools, have been targets of my outreach work. To that end, we now have more meteorite hunters and collectors in my home province of Manitoba, Canada; a step in the right direction.

In September 2018 I released my book entitled "Meteorite Hunting and Collecting - The Enthusiast's Guide." It has been very well accepted and is doing fine in sales. So far all the reviews I have personally received have been very positive.

I am one of the founding members of a fledgling group called Manitoba Meteorite Research Council. It is still in its infancy but will eventually be a much needed resource in my home province of Manitoba. In addition to my on-going outreach work, this will give Manitobans a place where they can have their possible meteorites identified and get advice as to how to proceed once the initial ID has been done.