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MelvinsMeteorites Profile Page
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Web-Account Since 06/08/2008 22:36:29
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Member Number: 6452
Country: Ohio, USA
Website URL (e.g. "www.imca.cc"): www.melvinsmeteorites.com

About Me

About Me:
I Collect, Buy and Sell, Rare
and Beautiful Pallasite Meteorites. 
I also collect Fossils, Dinosaur 
Bones, Geodes, Bottles, Stamps,
Coins, and Certain Rare Items.
I like to find Ginseng and Morel Mushrooms.
I also Fish, Hunt, and Garden.
For more information about 
Pallasite Meteorites
Go to: www.melvinsmeteorites.com
Or Check out my Fossil Mushroom,
(Not supposed to Exist!) At: