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About Me:

Hi Everyone,I Thought I Should Tell a Little Bit About Myself, to all the Friendly,Wise,And Helpful Members,Here At The IMCA.

I am a single male who is 38 years old.Sadly I do not have a job,due to the fact I am disabled.I receive a small monthly check from Social Security Disability.

Collecting Meteorites has been a Wonderful Experience for me and My Life.Meteorite Collecting(and occasionally selling) helps Keep Me Busy and Adds A Sense Of Purpose To The Days.

I Also Love To Introduce people to Meteorite Collecting and Watching them getting involved in the Hobby.So I am trying to introduce Meteorite Collecting to as many people as possible.

I am also an avid Observer and lead our Church's Youth Group in observing sessions with a couple of GOTO Scopes.I have also introduced several members of our Youth Group to meteorite collecting,and have given them several meteorites to help start and build their collection.

So I see Meteorite Collecting as not just a "Hobby" but also a Way Of Life(and a gift the Lord Blessed me with to help me stay occupied and have a purpose in what I do). I am sure I will add more to this section as time goes on. Smile