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About Me:

G'Day IMCA Members

I think it's time that I introduce myself and what I represent. Many, many years ago when I was knee high to a grasshopper, my family introduced me into prospecting. It wasn't spectacular, here's a pan .. go for it. It worked out pretty good. At the time I think gold was worth $34 an ounce. I could at least get that in a fort night.

But my interests were in geology, so I entered into a science talent quest and won a bursary which I was happy with. I then continued on and tried to obtain anything that had to do with geology. I managed to acquire over a very short period as a geologist's assistant, even though archaeology is what I really wanted.

Well the year's passed, I kept on the pursuit. But the cards didn't fall my way. Later I�adopted metal detectors and honed in on their application. I looked for everything.. coins, artifacts, anything that would continue my interests. But gold had me mesmerized so I continued on my pursuit.

Then I�was introduced to specimens not from this planet and thus begun the pursuit of meteorites. But I've never forgotten the gold aspect and it gets a little tough out there, especially in the field when you have a device and you're trying to obtain gold, but you know it's reading on something that is even more spectacular... an object from outer space!�

I could get into the depths of what I'm trying to explain, but I don't want to bore you with it. I've come a long way and meteorites have become a passion, but they also come with a consequence.. knowledge, one that I need to work on.

So that sums it up. I keep going, hopefully I will make a mark on this huge planet or at least leave objects that others can pick up and continue on the trail of knowledge.

Thanks to some very special people, Tom Phillips and Sean T. Murray that got me into the IMCA. And alot of folks that I've corresponded to but not met, some I have met and others that play an important part in my passion.

To all out there, my very special thanks for helping lead me on a new path.



(IMCA # 2125)� One hell of an Aussie, but at the moment, bound to the US of A