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alregui Profile Page
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Web-Account Since 11/05/2008 16:42:10
Last Online 07/28/2020 15:01:36
Last Updated 05/13/2014 14:53:35

Additional Info

Website: www.alregui.lu
Location: Luxembourg
Interests: Meteorites, Tektites etc.
City: Schuttrange
State: L
Zip Code: 5368
Country: Luxembourg
Address: 3C, rue de Neuhausgen
Phone #: 00352 359245
Fax #: 00352 26352279

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Member Number: 1929
Country: Luxembourg

About Me

About Me: Hello, I am retired since 7 years and i collect Meteorits, Tektites, Impactites and Minerals. English is not my first language, for me it is much easier to speak German or French. René Schmit