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Additional Info

Website: treasure-hunting-information.com
Location: Woodland Hills, California
Interests: Many
Company: http://roscompany
Country: USA

Contact Info

Member Number: 6112
Country: California, USA
Website URL (e.g. "www.imca.cc"): treasure-hunting-information.com

About Me

About Me:

I like collecting meteorites..........

I have purchased:

A 55 lbs Campo del Cielo iron meteorite from IMCA 5829, (in my profile photograph). I still have this Campo del Cielo meteorite as I had for sale for awhile on Amazon.com.

A 137.7 g Draeger Collection Odessa iron meteorite from IMCA 4242.

And many more mostly from IMCA members.

For a fun time visit my http://treasure-hunting-information.com/ website. My website has information about Treasure Hunting and there are many interesting "YouTube.com" videos, music and original text available on my website with more to added as soon as possible.

I have a "Meteorite Hunting, Collecting Video Directory" section on my aforementioned website, click the following link to access the directory page: http://treasure-hunting-information.com/?page_id=6583 

YouTube.com's Meteorite Hunting, Collecting Video Directory  

I also have a few plugs to some of my business websites and affiliate advertisers, etc.  

Best wishes to all pleasant, nice individuals,

David E Ros, Metorite_Hound, IMCA member # 6112

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