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About Me:

I finally delved into astronomy in 2004, after a lifelong casual interest. I was stunned to discover what I'd been missing and quickly started making up for lost time. A couple years later, I happened upon a meteorite ad on a popular astronomy website. I was surprised to learn that 'rocks from space' were available to the private collector. I couldn't resist buying a few, but I thought that would be the end of it. Hehe. You all know how that turned out! Eternal thanks to member Bob King for getting me started. I built up a
fairly respectable, though humble, collection over the next few years, and learned a lot too. Though I still feel like a novice in the midst of most of you.

My aquisitions hit somewhat of a plateau when ALS forced me into early 'retirement'. But designing and building our new home in the red rock country of southern Utah have kept me ridiculously busy the past couple years.  My wife and I are in the final phase of moving now, though, so I'm looking forward to a nice, long, quiet winter. Time to catch up on photographing and curating these amazing visitors to our planet. Get the microscope out and enjoy them again. I may thin the collection out a bit to create funding for future purchases, but I have no plans to become a dealer per se.  Then there's that hunting I've been wanting to do... :^)

Linton - September 2012