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Russ Finney
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Country: Texas, USA
Website URL (e.g. "www.imca.cc"): www.meteoritecollector.org

About Me

About Me:

Russ Finney founded the MeteoriteCollector.org website after spending a ten year period building and photographing a very large meteorite reference collection (The Finney Collection of Meteorites). This extensive collection contains some of the most important historical and scientific meteorite specimens available to private collectors. MeteoriteCollector.org also provides a large amount of supporting information and photographs.

Russ also serves as a global technology executive within the semiconductor industry - in this capacity he has had the opportunity to travel widely through the world. He is also a well known technology speaker and lecturer who has been a keynote speaker for many high tech events and who has appeared in a number of videos, Podcasts, and TV commercials.

One of his other key passions is amateur astronomy - he is a strong supporter of both the Austin Astronomical Society as well as the new Austin Planetarium.