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About Me:

Greetings, I am a meteorite collector that may occasionally sell some duplicates as I (slowly) acquire larger specimens.

I started collecting many years ago when I purchased my first small iron from Bob Haag at a Tuscon show. Over the years, I've bought dozens of specimens from many dealers and never had any problems. Seems like a nice community.

I'm also fascinated with tektites and related impactites as well as impact brecca and geology. 

I am also into herpetology and I spent many days hiking in the deserts to photograph reptiles. When it was too hot for the critters to be out, I filled my time searching for meteorites and unusual minerals or exploring ghost towns.

My other hobbies include gardening, antiquarian Natural History books, ham radio, modification of turbo cars, off-roading, custom titanium LED flashlights, and being a gadget freak in general.  

I reside in Philadelphia and I work as a consultant in homeland security in the area of weapons of mass destruction mitigation and emergency preparedness. 

I'm also president of the Philadelphia Herpetological Society (a non-profit, wildlife conservation group.) 

P.S. I'm looking for a copy of Buckwald, V.F. 1975 Handbook of Iron Meteorites in good+ condition.