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About Me:

Born in Canada, and starting back in 1971, I began Collecting Minerals. Meteorites quickly became a fascination which still continues to grow. I came to Thailand in 1995 and within months I had met some of the Largest Asian Meteorite Collectors.
I basically collect in Thailand and Burma (Myanmar), with side trips to China.
Many dealers here can lack integrity, and my training as a field geologist has been more than useful in separating scams out quickly and helping me to find specimens of many forms.                     
Tektites are prolific in Asia, and easily identified as such. Other Meteors are not so easily identified, but due to the research into minerals here, many items offered as meteorite do not fit into any local geological classification and are often purchased by me for further study and classification ( Rights or Wrongs ). Chondrites also seem plentiful in Asia, but further testing and  knowledge  is required to verify this claim.
I often teach Locals, in their own language , what are and are not meteorites and tektite. There are several Large Collectors and Dealers in Thailand and Burma, who often set aside any irregular items for my inspection and appraisal. One of the Largest Dealers in Northern Thailand lives about 10 minutes from my home, and I receive a phone call about once a month to view new arrivals from the buying stations, which puts me in an often enviable position of first come , first served, best specimens basis.
My collection over the years has come to include almost every known form of Tektite and this includes specimen forms that I have never seen presented in any collection. Presently, my collection consists of about 15 species, +/- 1,000 specimens, and a total of roughly 40 Kilograms.  I have moved into octahedrite meteors as the next phase of collecting, enjoying the Widmanstatten patterns and Pallasites.
Other passions I have developed are Gem Cutting and Goldsmithing, which allow me the ability to turn many often damaged specimens into Faceted Gems and Jewelry.
Authentication and integrity are essential in any dealings with minerals in any form, and I personally believe that until verified, preferably  by an independent source, no meteorite, tektite or mineral in any form can be labeled as authentic.
Living in Asia, I have come across some of the most unscrupulous dealers anyone would ever wish to meet, and have turned this into a learning experience, being able to quickly disregard the fakes, while being open minded enough to still see a random offering as a potentially lucky find.
Interested in Tektites, or have a question or image you would like me to review ?  Please feel free to contact me.

Highest Regards
Brian S.