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Shawn Alan
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About Me:

Hello my name is Shawn Alan and I have a strong passion for astronomy and you could say this is how I became interested in meteorites. It was not long ago when I thought that only meteorites could only be owned by the rich and famed. But low and behold I was up late one night watching JTV in December 2009 around the holidays and saw a Sikhote Alin meteorite for sale. For days I pondered the idea about owning the meteorite and told myself that this would be the only one I would own. I felt by just owning that one, it would make it special, but I was wrong. The day before Christmas eve I was watching a science show called Things that fall from the Sky, and there it was, 2008TC3 aka Almahata Sitta, the first meteor to be detected from space before impacting Earth, resulting in recovered meteorites. That was the turning point of my one meteorite collection and for 14 hours straight, I did research on the internet about meteorites and the rest is history.