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About Me

About Me:

It all started when Dr Alain Carion, the well-known French expert, asked me to translate his book "Meteorites" from French to English!

I am a French-native, who lived 10 years in Africa, then in France, and then moved to the States many many years ago. I wanted to study Archaeology but reality set in and I worked for many years for a major American Corporation. Being in Colorado, I started picking up pretty rocks up in the mountains, then I discovered the Denver Mineral Show, and I met Dr Alain Carion who was willing to tell me what all those pretty rocks were. I started helping him during the Denver Show, and did that for about 15 years, and eventually he got me interested in meteorites too. That led to translating his book, various articles and the creation of my website: IMPACTIKA.com.

I am now retired, and thoroughly independent, so I travel when possible and I will be doing a few Shows too, mostly The Tucson, Denver, and Ensisheim Shows. My website has been growing by leaps and bounds as I am doing a lot of consignment, and I also participate in the writing and publication of "Meteorites from A to Z".

Fell free to contact me at IMPACTIKA@aol.com.