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Country: Florida, USA
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About Me:

Former Board Director, Past Treasurer and Past Secretary of IMCA.

When I was a teenager my Dad gave me a telescope. I remember the awe inspiring feeling when I looked into the bright eyepiece and the Moon's craters came into focus. Even today, if I'm studying the heavens, exploring the ocean on scuba trips or examining meteorites, that awe of other worlds is still strong. I graduated from, what is now, Wingate University (major-zoology). Currently I am self-employed. With our kids grown and married, my lovely wife and I have discovered the 'joys' of being grandparents. (At times it is a joy to return the grandkids to their parents:>)

My web site, Meteorite Identification is designed to generate interest in meteorites and educate new ones with examples of common misidentifications. The mystery and power of meteorites is no better illustrated than by Ebay auctions of meteor-wrong finders. How so? Please read some accounts and see what ordinary rocks can accomplish when their finders believe them to be meteorites! In reality. meteorites are much more interesting than common misconceptions. Would you like to know more?

IMCA is like that telescope my Dad gave me. It is a means that brings one within reach of a wealth of knowledge and experience. One can focus on the world's best dealers, collectors and meteorites and be awe inspired! Ken can be contacted at ken@imca.cc