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About Me:

Andrzej S. Pilski

I live in Poland, in the small town of Frombork, where Nicolaus Copernicus spent most of his life, died and was entombed in the cathedral, still existing.

Close to the town a small crater, possibly meteoritic, is situated. Researchers found that there is four times more of meteoritic dust close to the crater than elsewhere. I spent many hours looking for meteorites around the crater, with no result. Since long it is a cultivated area and meteorites could be removed from fields together with many common terrestrial stones.

My job and hobby is to show astronomy science for the general public in a small planetarium next to the Copernicus Tower. I work here more than 30 years.

I am married, have two children and one granddaughter.

More than 15 years ago I realized, that meteorites can be a great way to make astronomy more familiar for people. They offer possibility of close look or even touch a piece of a distant celestial body.

My first meteorite, Canyon Diablo, I have got from Bob Haag.

Now I am experienced collector, preparator of irons, and author of many articles (you can read some in the Meteorite magazine) and a few books on meteorites (in Polish). First I wish to help Polish collectors, who are not very fluent in English.

I can speak Polish, Russian, English and German (a little).

When collecting meteorites I have found many friends in many countries and feel it is a great bonus. I am not fluent in English, so I like to write rather than to talk. You can contact me at: aspmet@wp.pl