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About Me:

I am a retired systems designer from New England Audio and a former United States Marine (Vietnam Era ) I have been the CubMaster for Cub Scout Pack 54 here in Centerville for 14 years, Program Director for Boy Scout Camp Greenogh and Merit Badge Counselor for several subjects.
I have been a school volunteer since 1991 and that has developed into starting an outreach program to help fill the gap left when the schools started teaching for the mandated MCAS programs. Hands On Science brings the "fun" back into science by letting students participate in "hands on" experiments. We make it snow in the classroom, clouds appear and disappear in soda bottles, Mentos dropped into soda erupts into geysers, students get to handle and discover about fossils from a large collection I have amassed over the years and our latest and most popular class is now called "Catch a Falling Star"
I use my collection in the classroom and the kids love to see the different types of meteorites. Depending on the grade level, we have different presentations. The younger students get to use magnifying glasses, rubber coated RE magnets and visuals to identify meteorite from Meteor "wrongs". The older kids work in teams and identify different types of meteorites, high school students can try etching and classifying and they all get to present their findings to the class. I award meteorites to each student at the conclusion of the lesson.
My HOS program is a not for profit organization. I am a FreeMason and hold an officers positions in two Lodges. I am a Shriner with the Aleppo Shriners and have put on several science "shows" for the patients at the Boston Shriners Hospital and Burn Unit. I am also a Knight Templar with the Cape Cod Commandry and was Knighted in 2009.