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Website: www.skyfallmeteorites.com
Location: Austin, TX
Occupation: Meteorite Dealer
Interests: Meteorites
Company: SkyFall Meteorites
City: Austin
State: TX
Zip Code: 78731
Country: USA
Phone #: +1-512-554-9987
Fax #: mendy.ouzillou@gmail.com

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Member Number: 8395
Country: Texas, USA
Website URL (e.g. "www.imca.cc"): www.skyfallmeteorites.com
Status: Vice President

About Me

About Me:

After watching my first episode of Meteorite Men, I was hooked. I never knew a person could own a "rock from space." So, when the opportunity came up in October 2011, I bought my first meteorites from Geoff Notkin - two high quality Sikhote Alins which I still own and enjoy today.

Since then, collecting meteorites and most other meteorite-related items has turned into a passion (a nice way of saying "obsession"). My focus has always been on buying the highest quality specimens that I could afford. Their incredible diversity and beauty has allowed me to merge my interests in art, science, history and even theology in a way that no other "collectible" item can approach. Best of all, I have had the pleasure of meeting amazing people around the world who have made collecting meteorites all the more special.

In October 2014, I was elected to the IMCA Board of Directors and am very proud to serve our community in this fashion. Then, in September 2015, I decided to take my passion for meteorites and tektites one step further and became a full time dealer specializing in rare and unusual specimens. I also am the creator and admin for two very popular Facebook pages and encourage all interested to join meteorites.tektites.impactites and/or meteorite.or.meteorwrong

I was fortunate enough to be interviewed by Meteorite Times Magazine as part of their Meteorite People feature. The entire interview can be found at www.meteorite-times.com/meteorite-people/mendy-ouzillou/ and provides far more background than I can in this medium.