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Fallen Stars


Fallen Stars
IMCA members & meteorite people, gone but not forgotten

This page will lead you to special memorial pages for IMCA members and other meteorite people who are gone but not forgotten. We originally created it to honor O. Richard Norton who passed away in May 2009, as well as to honor our Member and former Board Member Christian Anger who died in late 2009. We sincerely hope that we won't have to update this page too often.

Please follow the links to view the respective entries. If you would like to print the memorial entries, or if you have problems with viewing them due to a small monitor (800x600px) please use the respective "print" links - the respective memorial article will load in a new window, optimized for print and 800x600px resolution.

Commemorating O. Richard Norton (1937-2009),
written by Anne Black (print)

Commemorating Christian Anger (1965-2009),
compiled by Andrzej S. Pilski (print)