IMCA Insights – September 2007
2007 IMCA Board Elections - Special Edition

After the last annual elections, several Members complained that they hadn’t been aware of the public elections to the IMCA Board of Directors. It turned out that several of these Members didn’t receive our IMCA Mailing List messages, or that these messages had ended up in some spam filter. Other Members did forget to update their email addresses with us, and so they missed our announcements, and the opportunity to vote for the IMCA Board. To avoid this, we decided to make our annual elections a bit more public, and thus this Special Edition of IMCA Insights that’s more of an announcement, and a brief tutorial to the IMCA Board of Directors, and the election procedures. Let’s start with a bit of background information.

The IMCA Board of Directors

Right now, the IMCA Board of Directors is comprised of ten Board Members, with four of them serving as IMCA Board Officers:

Anne Black – President
Norbert Classen – Vice President
Adam Hupé – Secretary
Mark Bostick – Treasurer
Ron Hartman
Jeff Kuyken
Peter Marmet
Christian Anger
Andrzej S. Pilski
Pierre-Marie Pelé

According to our Bylaws, each Board Member is elected to a term of three years, and this year the terms of four Board Members are expiring: the terms of Anne Black, Norbert Classen, Ron Hartman, and Jeff Kuyken. Ron decided to retire from the Board, and so he won’t be up for re-election.

We’d like to take the opportunity to publicly thank Ron for all his hard work, his enthusiasm, and the energy he put into setting up the foundations of our Association. Thanks Ron, you did a great job, and it’s been a real pleasure to serve with you on the Board!

2007 Election of Three New Directors for the IMCA Board

Three Board Members are to be elected or re-elected in 2007, so that the total number of Board Members will be back to nine, this year. After the elections, the new Board of Directors will vote upon the Officer's positions for the next term, as regulated by our Bylaws.

Official IMCA Election Schedule

September 1: Publication of the List of Candidates

Jason Phillips
Jeff Kuyken
Maria Haas
Jerry Flaherty
Norbert Classen
Anne Black

September 1 - 15 (midnight Eastern Time): Campaign

The Candidates may tell the Members why they want to sit on the Board of Directors, and to answer other Member's questions. Their statements and answers will be published to the whole membership via the IMCA Mailing List during that time.

September 16-23: Election Week

All members may vote for the three Directors only ONCE at any time during this period. Voting begins September 16 and ends midnight September 23 Eastern Time. The special voting email address will be published via the IMCA Mailing List. (If you are not on the IMCA Mailing List and wish to vote, contact the Nominations and Elections Committee). Please be sure to use the mailing address we have on file for you, so we may verify that the vote is coming from a registered, eligible Member.

Please contact us if you have any questions. We’re looking forward to your participation, and to your votes. Thanks.

Best Regards to all of you,

Anne Black, President IMCA Inc.
Norbert Classen, Vice President IMCA Inc.

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