IMCA Insights October 2007
2007 IMCA Board & Officer Election Results
by Norbert Classen

Dear Members, Dear Visitors,

We have been very busy on the IMCA Board of Directors after the recent public Elections, and thus the October issue of IMCA Insights is a few days late. In the public Elections, Anne Black, Jeff Kuyken and Norbert Classen have been re-elected for another term of three years. Thanks for your confidence, and your continued support!

There has been another change on the IMCA Board of Directors prior to our internal Officers Election. Our Treasurer Mark Bostick resigned from his office, and from the Board for private reasons, and we accepted his resignation and thanked him for all his work, and his contributions during the last year. So we had to say goodbye to long-time Board Member Ron Hartman who retired from the Board prior to the public Elections, and to Mark Bostick who has been our Treasurer for the last year. Thanks to both of you - it has been a pleasure to serve with you on the Board!

Mark's vacation had to be filled according to the regulations of our ByLaws, and so we had another look at the public Election results, and decided to assign the vacant Board position to Maria Haas who has been "number four" in our public Election. Thus, we now have a new Board comprised of nine IMCA Board Members:

Christian Anger - Austria
Anne Black - USA
Norbert Classen - Germany
Maria Haas - USA
Adam Hupe - USA
Jeff Kuyken - Australia
Peter Marmet - Switzerland
Pierre-Marie Pele - France
Andrzej S. Pilski - Poland

Nine members from seven different countries representing our international association - not bad, if you ask me! These nine Board members got together, more recently, and voted for the Officers that will serve on the Board for the next year. The new IMCA Board Officers are:

Norbert Classen - President
Anne Black - Vice President
Adam Hupe - Secretary
Maria Haas - Treasurer

Congratulations to all the winners!

I have to admit that I'm humbled by the Board's decision to elect me as the President - thanks for your confidence! I promise to do my very best, in close cooperation with our former Mrs. President, Anne Black, who's now at my side as the Vice President. To tell you the truth, we have been acting more as Co-Presidents during the last year, and we became a real good team - something we'd like to continue for the sake of the IMCA, and our primary concern: Authenticity.

Besides that, we have various plans for the future of the IMCA, including the IMCA Programs which include the IMCA Ambassador Program (which already started successfully with our Ambassadors Ken Newton and Rob McCafferty), and new Programs which will be introduced, soon. One of the Programs has been proposed by our resigning Board Member Mark Bostick, and it will support students of meteoritics. Another Program will also focus on education, and we plan to create an international lecturers list, something that has been proposed by Anne Black, long ago, and which we will work on during the next term.

Last but not least, I plan to focus on the improvement of the cooperation between scientists, meteorite dealers and collectors - an issue that's most dear to my heart, and important for the future of our favorite subject. Stay tuned as we will all do our best to make this all real.

All the best,
Norbert Classen
President IMCA Inc.

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