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IMCA Insights


IMCA Insights - Our Monthly Publication & Newsletter

IMCA Insights is our monthly publication and official newsletter, published in cooperation with the online magazine Meteorite-Times. All issues of IMCA Insights are meteorite and IMCA related, and they offer a wealth of information about our Association, as well as on meteorites, and meteoritics in general. You will find articles about "Getting a Meteorite Classified", reports about frauds, and IMCA programs, as well as regular show reports. Just have a look, and discover the world of IMCA Insights.

The current issue, and all back issues of IMCA Insights can either be accessed via the Meteorite-Times Homepage, or via our own site - just follow the respective hyperlinks:

Visit the Meteorite-Times Homepage (link will open in a new window)

Access our Current Issue via our own IMCA Homepage. If you have problems viewing it due to a small monitor, or low resolution (800x600px) please use the respective "print" link on the Archive pages - the article will now load in a new window, optimized for 800x600px.

Browse through the back issues of IMCA Insights in our Archive 2006, Archive 2007, Archive 2008, Archive 2009, Archive 2010, and Archive 2011.

Check out the more recent issues in the Archive 2012.

IMCA Insight was started in late 2005/early 2006 as an attempt to faciliate and to promote the communication between the IMCA Board of Directors and the IMCA Membership, but also as an educational platform that gives us the opportunity to reach the interested public in general, and to provide first-hand information about meteorites, meteoritics, and the various communities involved (scientists, dealers, collectors, etc.).

Speaking of that, IMCA Insights wasn't the first attempt in this regard, and it actually had kind of a precursor, called The Fusion Crust. Only one issue of this newsletter has been published in the early days of the IMCA, edited by our former IMCA Board Member Martin Horejsi.

Read the March issue, 2002, of The Fusion Crust (pdf-file; opens in a new window)

We hope you enjoy IMCA Insights, and we would be delighted to welcome you as a regular visitor. Thanks for your interest!